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Here is what's happening in February!

youth_February 2019.png

The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Youth Program focuses on...

Providing Acceptance for All

All youth are welcome to all events! Encouragement is given to open hearts to those from all walks of life without judgement. And to invite them into our youth community!


Providing a Safe Haven of Fellowship

We play, laugh, and eat a lot, challenge each other, have fun and develop relationships!


Serving Christ through mission projects:

We pack food bags for Rivermont Area Emergency Food Pantry, make sandwiches for those served by Daily Bread, plant and harvest crops for Lynchburg Grows, and build and recondition homes in the community with Interfaith Rebuilds.


We work hard to make a difference in people’s lives. And have fun with each project!  A three to five day “Summertime Mission Event”, for grades 6-12, is held each summer. This event gives us a longer stretch of time to work in the community doing many different types of projects. We stay at the Youth House and go out each day to serve.  This past summer we answered the need for rebuilding in Houston, TX after the hurricane of 8-17.  What a trip!  We worked hard, played hard and were glad to have supported the two homeowners we served.


Seeking Christ in Our Lives

At each youth event, a devotion is provided to lead the youth to recognize God, develop a closer relationship with Christ, and feel His presence each and every day. God’s grace and love are offered to all.


Addressing Current Challenges in Life

Special topics are discussed as a part of our youth year such as bullying, stress, use of social media, depression, alcohol or drug use, etc. We look at how each can be managed using faith, supportive people, and hands-on methods. Have you ever thrown eggs to relieve stress? If not, make sure to attend!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Susan Williams at


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